Visual artist Kathryn Oliver and performing artist Kristi Williamson discovered a shared passion for myth, dance and poetry. They embarked upon their first theater collaboration in 2009 with an emphasis on archetypal storytelling. Since then they have continued to enrich Midcoast Maine with this unique theater model to great acclaim. From 2009 - 2012 they created Earth Maiden, featuring mythical stories and large puppetry: TerraDidddleCollective. Beginning in 2013, they followed up with LEAP, a ritual performance inspired by the poetry of Rumi. 

 Kristi Williamson and Kathryn Oliver, photo by R.Hassenplug

Kristi Williamson and Kathryn Oliver, photo by R.Hassenplug

Continuing their creative journey in myth and the imagination for 2017, their new production "Wax Wings" is an artistic exploration of how symbol and metaphor empower us through the imaginary.

Constraints and possibility - two sides to a whole. 

Daedalus the Master Artisan of ancient Crete crafted wings of wax and feathers to escape from the confines of the Labyrinth. These wings had constraints though. He warned his son, Icarus, Fly too high and your wings will melt, fly too low and the sea water will weigh them down and either way you will perish. 

We all know the tragedy that befell Icarus who flew too close to the sun. His wings melted and he drowned in the sea. But his father Daedalus flew between the extremes and landed in Sicily and retired to live to a ripe old age.  What is the wisdom from this myth for this moment? 

The possibility to bring forth something new - to craft wings of wax and feathers to fly from the Labyrinth. If we use those wings to fly too high - towards a naive optimism or too low - towards a bitter despair, those wings will fail us. Constraints and possibilities are two sides to a whole.
— Kathryn Oliver, artistic director

With timeless poetry and stories in Kathryn's short films, photographs and paintings and Kristi's choreography and original melodies, "Wax Wings" highlights the profundity of the imagination and explores the complex shadow archetype through visual and dramatic storytelling.


Visual artist Kathryn Oliver and performing artist Kristi Williamson's new production "Wax Wings" is a mythical journey in dance, visual art, literature and music. The original script by Oliver weaves literary references, archetypal stories and short films with choreography, original melodies and additional poetry and musical selections by Williamson.