WAX WINGS "Muse Dance" film imagery, masks & costumes by Kathryn Oliver, dance improvisation/performance by Shana Bloomstein, dancers: Kristi Williamson & Hanna De Hoff, costume by Robin Horty, performance footage of WAX WINGS captured by David Wright, Camden Opera House, 10/1/2017

How do you measure success?

There are definitely two distinct answers to that question. But before we get into THAT, let us first thank all of you who have attended our Camden Opera House performances and supported us in all kinds of ways. We love you!

So, while our performances were successful and well attended and the creators and cast of the play were celebrated by the audience for their work, that was only ONE answer to the above question.

The second answer, concerning the financial side of our venture looks very different.
Our plans, to bring this play and affiliated workshops to other theaters, schools and communities across New England and beyond cannot even begin to be considered until we can raise funds to begin this development process.

So, today we would like to draw your kind attention to our Kickstarter campaign. It is our only hope at the moment to continue our artistic and educational work in our communities. The campaign is, as of this writing, only 8% funded and it is an all or nothing campaign, i.e., we will not benefit from it unless it becomes fully funded.

There are great rewards for different funding levels. Please go check it out HERE and donate what you can!


Our Kickstarter Campaign!

Wax Wings Theater was founded by Kathryn Oliver to hold Kathryn Oliver’s & Kristi Williamson’s work and foster new art projects with a shared aesthetic.

Kathryn Oliver & Kristi Williamson have been working on their project Wax Wings for over 4000 hours during the past year and have reached the point where they realize they need the support of a community of patrons of the arts to enable them to continue and grow this work into the scope it deserves. In return they will provide the community with an artistic experience that provides powerful impulses to the imagination, nourishing the individual and the community at this pivotal moment in history.

Following the performance premiere at the Camden Opera House of "Wax Wings" Sept 29/30th & Oct 1st, Kathryn & Kristi plan to develop their play with accompanying workshops that bridge performance, literature and healing, bringing it to theaters, schools and communities in New England and beyond.

Become a Patron Of The Arts to support WAX WINGS THEATER and be a part of our founding community for something big, powerful and ambitious. 

With your support we can pull this off! We hope for a generously oversubscribed campaign to achieve our ambitious goals!


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What do all these folks have in common?

What do Rumi, Hafiz, James Joyce, William Blake, August Strindberg, Jim Morrison, Gary Snyder, Stanley Kunitz, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Anne Carson, Mary Oliver, Martin Shaw, Robert Bly, Clarice Lispector and Ovid all have in common? They are all woven into our show WAX WINGS. 

Come, be surprised — An unusual theater experience!