Craft In The Smithy Of Our Souls

“WAX WINGS is about the potential of the imagination.

Our play takes us into dance, film, myth, literature, poetry & music, focusing on the shadow archetype as the source of both unconscious darkness and fruitful healing.

I began this work in response to the cultural tensions playing out on the surface of the world. I sensed they were rooted in deeper soil and that by going below the surface, into the archetypal, myth and poetry could open us up to new possibilities.

WAX WINGS exposes its audiences to rich literature, dance and storytelling through a lens of mystery, humor & awe with themes that hold an ambiguity, transcending the limited choices we are too often presented with, between naive optimism or angry despair.

WAX WINGS puts forth the ultimate challenge, to craft in the smithy of our souls — our own wings. ”
— Kathryn Oliver